Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Revolt on the Right

darcy 10.24.09 @ 10:17PM


I've been looking over the posts just now, more carefully than before, and I see a trend emerging; it was there all the time, and if I'd been paying closer attention I would have seen it. The Revolt on the Right is either still half-baked or exists now in varying degrees of urgency.

In the early and mid-1930's, thousands of Jews recognized the handwriting on the wall for what it was: IMMINENT MORTAL DANGER. So they left their "lives" behind, their homes and friends, fled Germany and took refuge in foreign lands. Others -- and the reasons must have been myriad -- stayed behind to face an awful end. Ultimately, I think, those people who stayed couldn't believe man could be so evil.

Conservatives, I think, recognize man's potential for evil, and seek to thwart it. But some who claim the conservative mantel just don't quite get it and so aren't as willing to lose battles so that they can eventually win the war, so to speak.

There really aren't any half-way measures with sell-out politicans. They need to be exposed and sent packing.

And BTW, we already have a "big-tent," but it's not found in the support of groups that strategists identify and target. Our tent is bigger than that; it's where honor, fidelity to principle, truth, and true liberty dwell.

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