Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Revolt on the Right

darcy 10.24.09 @ 10:17PM


I've been looking over the posts just now, more carefully than before, and I see a trend emerging; it was there all the time, and if I'd been paying closer attention I would have seen it. The Revolt on the Right is either still half-baked or exists now in varying degrees of urgency.

In the early and mid-1930's, thousands of Jews recognized the handwriting on the wall for what it was: IMMINENT MORTAL DANGER. So they left their "lives" behind, their homes and friends, fled Germany and took refuge in foreign lands. Others -- and the reasons must have been myriad -- stayed behind to face an awful end. Ultimately, I think, those people who stayed couldn't believe man could be so evil.

Conservatives, I think, recognize man's potential for evil, and seek to thwart it. But some who claim the conservative mantel just don't quite get it and so aren't as willing to lose battles so that they can eventually win the war, so to speak.

There really aren't any half-way measures with sell-out politicans. They need to be exposed and sent packing.

And BTW, we already have a "big-tent," but it's not found in the support of groups that strategists identify and target. Our tent is bigger than that; it's where honor, fidelity to principle, truth, and true liberty dwell.

The Line Is Drawn

darcy 10.23.09 @ 12:54PM

RINOs have tuned us out, or in their disdain dropped us a crumb here and there to keep us in line and off their scent: think Roberts and Alito.

Meanwhile, they're making back-room deals based on what's best for them and the name they want to make for themselves, the power they hope to wield, and the warm glow of PC praise for which they yearn.

What about what's best for the country? What about staying true to Founding principles? that Constitution and the Declaration of Independance on which it stands? What about FREEDOM? Not that mealy-mouthed freedom from want and freedom from responsibility -- both the tag-lines of progressivism -- but TRUE FREEDOM TO BE RESPONSIBLE: to be responsible and self-reliant, and each individual to reap the rewards or pay the price for his successes or his failures.

I'm telling you people, this unrelenting drive to emasculate and subjugate our citizens is of the devil. And as long as the Republican party cronies continue to sway in the wind of the current of the times rather than to stand in the ranks of this America's Founding Fathers, then we're doomed.

The line is drawn.

Count conservatives out, RINOS, today we cease to be your enablers.

Appeasers Not-Welcome

darcy 10.24.09 @ 4:36PM

This is no fight, M, but rather exhortation to you and to all of us, really, that we MUST make RINOs understand that they will LOSE when they diss their base.

Think of it this way: These people are very strategic-minded in their approach to campaigning; They go into the game KNOWING that they can discount us and our principles because in the final analysis we will cave when push comes to shove -- if they've fielded an appeaser. Yet it's self-defeating for them because the only way they can win (and remain true to their RINO character) is if they field a pseudo-conservative, ala Bush II.

So, on the one hand they diss us, but on the other hand they recognize they need us -- but only to the extent that they CAN USE US, as when they snuck W in (certainly a decent man, but NOT one committed to limited government).

This is getting long, but bear with me. When RINOs succeed in getting one of their own in the number one spot on the ticket and then conservatives cave and vote for him then we become guilty of making the very same "survival" calculations that we rightly deplore in the decisions made daily by RINOs in gov't.

Look at it another way. If liberals had any doubt that RINOs operated on the basis of exediency and pragmatism, they wouldn't be so confident in hatching their plot to destroy America.

Let us not be to the RINOs what the RINOs are to the progressives.

Moving the Party to the Right

darcy 10.24.09 @ 3:56PM

And as long as RINOs know they get our vote based on reasoning that dictates we vote for the lesser of two evils, then they win the day -- because they know that ultimately conservatives will cave when confronted with hell or double-hell: We'll take the former over the later any day of the week.

Phooey with that. If there's no SPINE in our political convictions, this nation is headed for either the slow torture of RINO government or the speeded-up variety of "progressive" government, both of which lead ultimately to destruction.

Don't you know that conservatives represent the very last barrier to death for our Republic? If we fail to stand firm against Republican APPEASERS, we lose our SALT.

No -- instead, be the irritant that's needed: "RINOs, you will never be in a majority party if you diss your base; so get used to it."

Conservatives are not enablers.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

My House Is Burning; Silly Me To Be Upset Or Angry about It.

What is it about the leaders of the Republican party that they just don't get it? I offer a case in point: South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham.

He votes for Sotomayor; he tried (with lots of help from his McCainiac friends, and the man himself) to force amnesty down our throats in the summer of 2007. Now I hear he's gung-ho for cap and tax (see for October 11, 2009).

And for the coup de grace, at Furman University this past Monday Senator Graham tells a townhall audience that, "We're not going to be a party of angry white guys. We're going to be a party of center-right politics." (

Let's be clear: Every patriot of any stripe whatsoever recognizes the fraud, farce, and theft being perpetrated upon this country by statists and fascists in "Progressive" garb whose raison d'etre is to DESTROY the America of our Founders, to rip asunder our constitutional protections, and in their place to erect their vision -- that goal and that vision never defined and so never complete -- of a Utopian paradise.

Now why would any red-blooded American have cause to be ANGRY about that??

There is NOTHING center-right about amnesty for 10+million illegal aliens and their chain of families in Mexico waiting for the flood gates to open. There is nothing center-right about voting to confirm a SCJ nominee whose own statements -- the wise latina being better able to dispense justice than a white male, for one -- disqualify her. There is nothing center-right about giving the green light to cap and trade legislation when the sole purpose of the bill is to hamstring and tax American business and taxpayers into ultimate servitude to yet another labyrinthine and sinister set of state bureaucracies -- sinister because they exist to squeeze out every last drop of freedom remaining to us.

Yes, we are understandably angry. And you're arrogant, Mr. Graham, and out of touch not to see the truth staring you in the face.

Moreover, our frustration with the Republican party for continuing to prop up left-of-center candidates (in NY, Scozzafava's congressional bid, and in Fla, Crist's Senatorial attempt) and to carry the water for the Lindsey Grahams of the party is reason enough NEVER TO GIVE THEM ANOTHER DIME.

At Furnam Lindsey Graham said if we -- read that you and I and other patriots -- don't like it, we can leave the party.

No. As Ronald Reagan reminded us way back in 1964, this is a time for choosing. And I for one choose to fight the Lindsey Grahams whose only usefulness is that they expose the truth: There is precious little daylight between Democrats and MOST Republicans.

If you're not going to be distinctive and fight for founding principles, and if your aim is merely to take the slow road to despotism -- as opposed to the fast track that POTUS and the radical dems are on -- then I say GOOD RIDDANCE TO YOU. We are not leaving the party: You are.

We will not sell our souls or our votes for a mess of pottage. If the Republican leadership isn't getting this message now and taking note, they can expect a very unhappy Nov. 2010 -- as the Democrats continue to widen and deepen their hold on our government.

Update: 10/19 -

(Coming soon: Listen to him; Expose him -- who to trust and who to send packing.)

A Breath of Fresh Air from the Hoosier State

Despite Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels' having worked in years past for the notoriously wimpy and moderate Republican Richard Lugar, me thinks I smell the aroma of proofed pudding in the successes Gov. Daniels has cooked up for his state. You happy Hoosiers, and smart too, for electing a proven fiscal conservative to bring sanity and fiscal responsibility -- prosperity -- to grace the tables of your home state.

See Kimberley A. Strassel's WSJ article of September 26, 2009, "We Are the Initiators," for the complete story.

Friday, October 16, 2009

The Basics, Part 1

The critical difference between the government of America and that of all other nations resides within the principles of our founding documents, to wit: Our inalienable rights derive from our creator and are not bestowed upon us or denied to us by the whim of whomever heads our government.

Therefore, as various political philosophies wax and wane among our so-called intellectual elites, still there are for the American people a bedrock foundation of liberty guaranteed to us by the contract between us and our elected servants: the U.S. Constitution and the pillar upon which it rests, the Declaration of Independence.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

America's Watershed Moment in History

There will come a time soon when the weight of disgust, frustration, and anger over the acts committed by those who live to fundamentally transform America reaches critical mass.

Republic on fire exists to chronical one American's reaction to the destruction of this great nation now underway by those who call themselves progressives. May it serve also as a catalyst to spur in others a thirst to know more of why America is different from other nations: We are right to consider our country "exceptional," and we must never apologize for it.

This is the beginning.