Thursday, October 29, 2009

Appeasers Not-Welcome

darcy 10.24.09 @ 4:36PM

This is no fight, M, but rather exhortation to you and to all of us, really, that we MUST make RINOs understand that they will LOSE when they diss their base.

Think of it this way: These people are very strategic-minded in their approach to campaigning; They go into the game KNOWING that they can discount us and our principles because in the final analysis we will cave when push comes to shove -- if they've fielded an appeaser. Yet it's self-defeating for them because the only way they can win (and remain true to their RINO character) is if they field a pseudo-conservative, ala Bush II.

So, on the one hand they diss us, but on the other hand they recognize they need us -- but only to the extent that they CAN USE US, as when they snuck W in (certainly a decent man, but NOT one committed to limited government).

This is getting long, but bear with me. When RINOs succeed in getting one of their own in the number one spot on the ticket and then conservatives cave and vote for him then we become guilty of making the very same "survival" calculations that we rightly deplore in the decisions made daily by RINOs in gov't.

Look at it another way. If liberals had any doubt that RINOs operated on the basis of exediency and pragmatism, they wouldn't be so confident in hatching their plot to destroy America.

Let us not be to the RINOs what the RINOs are to the progressives.

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