Thursday, October 29, 2009

Moving the Party to the Right

darcy 10.24.09 @ 3:56PM

And as long as RINOs know they get our vote based on reasoning that dictates we vote for the lesser of two evils, then they win the day -- because they know that ultimately conservatives will cave when confronted with hell or double-hell: We'll take the former over the later any day of the week.

Phooey with that. If there's no SPINE in our political convictions, this nation is headed for either the slow torture of RINO government or the speeded-up variety of "progressive" government, both of which lead ultimately to destruction.

Don't you know that conservatives represent the very last barrier to death for our Republic? If we fail to stand firm against Republican APPEASERS, we lose our SALT.

No -- instead, be the irritant that's needed: "RINOs, you will never be in a majority party if you diss your base; so get used to it."

Conservatives are not enablers.

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