Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Line Is Drawn

darcy 10.23.09 @ 12:54PM

RINOs have tuned us out, or in their disdain dropped us a crumb here and there to keep us in line and off their scent: think Roberts and Alito.

Meanwhile, they're making back-room deals based on what's best for them and the name they want to make for themselves, the power they hope to wield, and the warm glow of PC praise for which they yearn.

What about what's best for the country? What about staying true to Founding principles? that Constitution and the Declaration of Independance on which it stands? What about FREEDOM? Not that mealy-mouthed freedom from want and freedom from responsibility -- both the tag-lines of progressivism -- but TRUE FREEDOM TO BE RESPONSIBLE: to be responsible and self-reliant, and each individual to reap the rewards or pay the price for his successes or his failures.

I'm telling you people, this unrelenting drive to emasculate and subjugate our citizens is of the devil. And as long as the Republican party cronies continue to sway in the wind of the current of the times rather than to stand in the ranks of this America's Founding Fathers, then we're doomed.

The line is drawn.

Count conservatives out, RINOS, today we cease to be your enablers.

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