Friday, November 27, 2009

Response to C.Krauthammer's "Kill the Bill"

"Insuring the uninsured is a moral imperative."????

Mr. K., your otherwise exceptional article concludes with an assertion that does not hold water, and I must respectfully disagree.

For most of our nation's history people have NOT had health insurance; you know as I do, that it emerged during WW2 when wage caps were imposed on employers. Providing health insurance was a perk to employees that employers embraced to get around the wage caps so they could keep good talent. And of course, the unions got in on it, too, demanding it for their workers.

At any rate, if health insurance is such a moral imperative, why now? Why not, say, in 1880? 1910? 1930?How on earth did Thomas Sowell's parents do without it when confronted with the expenses of his birth? or Bobby Jindal? They've both related how their parents set up payment schedules to pay for the new bundle of joy's coming out party.

No. Mr. K., health insurance is just another liberal/progressive entitlement, where my money is taken from me so that someone else will get what I worked for. Only they call it a right.

The Framers understood our rights as being something that we all can have but not at anyone else's expense. Life, Liberty, the PURSUIT of Happiness -- These rights don't depend on my taking something someone else has earned -- they are God-given.

This new set of rights, the ones FDR spoke of in 1944 in his message to Congress, this set of rights requires the taking from some to give to others whom the government decides should have it.

Is that what you meant by a moral imperative?

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