Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Establishment Republicans found wanting

From a post at RedState.com, September 15th at 2:12AM EDT (link)
"The establishment will bust their buns to leave O’Donnell hanging out to dry because if she wins she weakens their power structure and their argument for fielding ‘middle-of-the-road,’ big government candidates.

But the Republican leadership had better watch out. This is a warning not a threat. The people want a return to Constitutionalism and limited government. If we sense that the Republican Party is thwarting us in our efforts, we WILL bolt.

Our allegiance is to the country, not the party. We’re on the brink of national bankruptcy and the fed’s monetizing of our debt; we’re on the brink of societal chaos, thanks to the Cloward-Piven nutcases currently at the helm — and their Republican enablers.

We need some Pattons, some Churchills, some Reagans and more: we need the truth-talking of a man like Chris Christie — OR WE ARE DOOMED — if it’s not already too late, and like the towers burning, the moment will come when all of a sudden this financially impaired structure we call America will collapse. This is what we face — . This is no time for that idiot Rove to whine because another LIBERAL Republican got his just desserts, for heaven’s sake. Another RINO weasel bit the dust. And all I can say is it took way too long to get rid of him!"

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