Monday, November 23, 2009

Of Carly Fiorina and RINOs in general

darcy 11.23.09 @ 4:18PM (from AmSpec)

Oh, yes, "elections have consequences," Carly. Let me show you how the democrats handle it:

[F]ight aggressively from day one; "Fifty-six million people came out and voted for John Kerry to defeat George Bush. Those 56 million people are counting on those Democrats to get in there and fight for them."

Implement a "stonewall strategy . . . [don't] budge.",2933,144082,00.html

Put out a circular instructing that Bush (or opposition-party president) is not to be permitted ANY successes!!! Like Howard Dean did.

The democrats fight with howitzers and the republicans respond with picnics. That's because they BOTH want the same things: power, prestige, and control -- and they'll take whatever road necessary, assume any posture whatever, to leach the American taxpayer and achieve their goal.

Corrupt, noxious, and pernicious blood-suckers, that's what 90% of politicians are. Carly -- let's not forget -- was a HUGE fan and promoter of John McCain, and both of them, two fat-cat RINOs, seek only to further entrench their power or enhance their resumes at the expense of our pocketbooks and freedoms.

HELL NO. The people erect -- even as I write -- a wall under, over, around, or through which RINOs will no longer pass. Our tolerance has ended; our eyes are open, and our aim is sure. We're huntin' RINOs, and whenever and wherever we sniff them out, we will dispatch them to retirement, where they belong -- at present, through the voting booth.

If that fails, it's time for the tar and feathers and the pillory stocks.

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